Time is Running Out for Your Claim

This really is the final countdown!

We are getting close to the cut-off date. This is when the current law of Ley 57/68 cannot be used to claim your Spanish deposits back. Given that there is little hope outside of this law, you really have to get your claim in quick now.

So when is the date? Well it is sometime in October 2020, therefore the group I am working with are trying to get all things submitted to the lawyer before the beginning of September 2020 in order to allow time for case preparation.

You would not want to miss this boat. When it has sailed it has sailed and there will be no joining it. However, some lawyers know that those not taking action so far will be panicking and I have heard of lawyers going back to charging up front for fees and increasing the percentage they will take if successful.

Fortunately, our lawyer is keeping it all the same for us and any others who come through us to him.

But whatever you do, make sure you are there for the finish of this, nobody should just hand over their money without a fight… Spain got your money! Fight back and let’s Finish in Style.

Finishing Flag Waved

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