Spanish Property Deposit Reclaim Process: Progress is Slow But Sure!

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I have not posted for a long time now about the status of our Spanish Property Deposit Reclaims, but that is not to say nothing has been happening. In fact I know of another five or six successful claims in our development alone since the last post I made. So progress is slow, but sure!

I know, for a lot of people still, we are all just waiting for that call (or rather email) to say we have won our case and our money is back in the bank! Hopefully your UK bank to be safe! With the pace that the legal system works in Spain, it is definitely a test of our patience. At least now there is more surety about an reasonable outcome.

When we first started reclaim our Spanish property deposits, it was more normal for cases to be dismissed by the courts, except for the most convincing ones, such as where there was a hard copy bank guarantee. At least now all of that has become much less stringent and simply paying some money for a development is often enough to be able to make a claim that is seriously considered by the courts.

It is now August again, and nothing much happens in Spain during this month due to summer holidays.

If you want a good example of how the Spanish legal system can test your patience, here is an example of what many in our development are currently going through… a few years ago (maybe more now!) there was a case that did not go ahead because the judge was poorly on the day and did not show up at court. This case hearing was then deferred for over a year to fit it in to the next available hearing slot. Then when that day came around, the case was thrown our of court because the judge said the passports were out of date this was therefore insufficient to prove the claimants identity. Then the case was finally heard again another year later (in February this year), but we are still awaiting to hear of the outcome of the case…. seriously?!

But yes it seems that is seriously true, what a joke I know.

However, like I said, at least there are cases where Lost Off-plan Spanish Property Deposit Reclaim cases are being won more frequently now and for those in my group/development, I know it is a frustrating time. But a great relief when the email or phone call finally comes through to give the good news to those lucky enough to have survived the ordeal.

More strength to you, if you are still waiting… Don’t keep looking at your phone!

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