All Spanish Courts are NOT the Same!… There is Slow, and then there is Slower Still!


When our group submitted its cases to the lawyers, the lawsuits were sent to different courts. Each court was in the same location as the developer that had gone bankrupt, as was deemed appropriate by the lawyer. However, a year after submitting approximately 10 cases (more going through), there has been 3 successes with a full payout of deposit and offer of interest payment on two of them (the case without interest being offered is under review, as this should have been offered by the court as well).

You would think that the cases that have been successful are the ones that were submitted the earliest….WRONG! In fact, it turns out that there are 6 courts in the town, 4 of which deal with things very promptly, and 2 of which seem to incur substantial delays. Therefore it is tempting for those with no news of success to think they will not be successful. that is not the case as it is just a matter of some courts being slower at processing the claims than others.

Of course in an ideal world, we would know this up front and only submit to the faster courts, if that is possible. But at least that explains why some more recent claimants get money back quicker than those submitting cases quite some time ago. At least if interest is offered on winning cases, there is some reward to being patient!

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