Claiming Lost Spanish Deposits on Behalf of Deceased Relatives


Since most of us have now been in a situation of having placed a deposit for quite some time now, I have known some of my group members pass away and also others come to the group saying their relative has passed away and asking if there is still a claim to be had.

The good news is that this is possible to claim a lost Spanish property deposit on behalf of deceased relatives.and the solicitors will be used to dealing with such details. Of course there is need for proof of rights to their estate but this should not be a problem as solicitors in the UK will be able to help provide this.

I can think of at least five situations out of probably 150 people I have been involved with replying to peoples’ questions on this matter of in fact being contacted by the deceased persons next of kin in a few cases, to say they have now passed away and they are dealing with their matters now.

It is a shame of course that such people never saw the reality of the vision they had of a home in Spain, however, the least we can do is work to get the money back rather than leave it as a donation to the Spanish banking system.

It is of course worth mentioning this fact right at the outset of any case you are trying to deal with so the solicitor can then advise you to about getting the correct documentation together that will hold up in court.

I am sure that if the deceased relatives were to know we were taking on the case for them it would help them rest in peace. Certainly the experience they have been though on this matter will have not given them much peace on earth! However, all we can do is fight their cause in their absence for justice to be done, as well of course to  have their family benefit from the money they had sent to the Spain in good faith.


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