UK Agency Disaster for Claiming Spanish Property Deposit Back

uk emergency button-1067139_640

I was contacted by a UK agency claiming to be able to get my lost deposit money back. I said that I also represented a group of others involved in the same development. The person I was speaking to was the managing director of the company. I went to see her. She was very confident about the matter. This seemed something like a UK emergency button to the rescue!

I reported this back to the group of others in the same situation as me, and some of us decided to take a chance on this as it seemed a very good proposal. We also met in London at some plush lawyers place and met with a lawyer from that firm as well. All seemed very professional.

There was a need however to make some funding up front and as a group we shared this cost out between us. We all got separate contracts though and were individual clients of theirs. About a year after we had paid the money, we got the good news form them that they had won the case but it just needed formalising and we needed to wait to see if there was an appeal.

Then there was silence for too long a time. Anyway, to cut a very long story short we were scammed. In fact the police were in touch with some of us about it. Then when we went to get our money back the company had gone into liquidation and we were dealing with the liquidators. So we had been taken for a ride yet again! And right on our own doorstep… Lesson’s were learnt from that but at a price!

We are now dealing direct with Spanish Lawyers for our case, no chance of being scammed in the UK with lawyers or middlemen, or having the company go into liquidation on us leaving us high and dry!

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