Making Effort to Warn Others About Off-plan Property Buying in Spain and Reclaiming Lost Off-plan Deposit Money

My off plan property deposit money

I could have just forgot the whole sorry episode like I know others have done. Others who have also walked away from their off-plan deposit money from a failed Spanish Property Purchase. I guess that is tempting to do, although more like hiding your head in the sand… as well as leaving a lot of money on the table.

I have had a really long journey so far and started out when there was practically NO HOPE of getting my money back. Those were the toughest days but even then I kept going. Things are looking much better, although now the hazard to avoid is in fact the LAWYERS that are out there keen to take more than their fair share of your money as a reward for ‘getting your deposit money back.’

They can do this in very clever ways as well so you don’t know until it is too late. Fortunately I have been involved in this as a fighting ‘consumer’ for the cause since 2010, so I know a lot of the tricks they use as I have been part of a much larger group of people fighting for their money back. In fact I have been a tireless leader of that group. My case is now being submitted (mine was harder than most, so I have had to wait for legal precedents enough to support me to be sure enough I have a good case in court).

However, now we are coming to the end of the road of our journey with some already having got their money back, and others finding good legal representation so that they can get the most of their money back, and without even paying fees up front to get it back. Hopefully these that are last in the queue will get the most money back, from using the experience we have had in the past.

I am therefore taking the decision to warn others about the pitfalls of investing in Spanish off plan property and in fact pitfalls about getting your money back if the property was not built for you.

However, even those that have already got their money back are at least happy to have the lions share of their deposit back and some interest on top. Just a little disappointed at the amount the lawyer kept, at least that is what they told me. But surely happy to walk away without losing all!


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