After seven years of fighting, things are finally looking better! My Court Case is being filed and the Bank or the Developer are going to have to pay up!

This Blog documents some of the highs and lows of my journey and gives useful tips along the way for those finding themselves in a similar situation.

I have spend seven years on this project including now ten trips to Spain to see Developers and Lawyers about how to get my money back. It has been like a second job to me but hopefully all worth it in the end… especially with a favourable exchange rate for converting Euros back to GBP and with the chance to claim legal interest on the amount owing at around 4 percent!

After finding out about my work, other have asked and I have manage to help them get their money back successfully. My situation is a little more difficult than most so helping others with their situations was little problem to me.

Below is a shot of how far my development got before the bank stopped the funding… leaving me with nothing! And they didn’t even offer to refund my deposit!